In the early days of Love & Hip Hop New York, back when the VH1 series was still fairly new on the scene, Rich Dollaz’s storylines centered around his artists. Whether he was developing them or dating them, Rich was known as the music industry professional who was about his business, and he took on his good friend Olivia as a client.

Olivia Accuses Rich Dollaz Of Cheating Her Out Of Money When They Worked Together
Evan Agostini / Staff / Getty Images

Olivia was hoping to revive her career after her time with J Records had come to a close and she was no longer affiliated with G-Unit. Rich worked with Olivia on songs and even gave one to her that was initially intended for his then-girlfriend Erica Mena. The fallout from that decision was watched by millions, and now years after Liv and Rich collaborated, Olivia is back with some serious accusations.

In a clip, the singer told Rich that he cheated her out of money she should have earned off of their single. Rich vehemently denies that he stole anything from her. “If you do not write on a record, you get what’s called performance royalties,” Rich said in the clip. “What were you entitled to other than the hundreds of thousands of dollars you made on the road singing it?” 

“You and I took hits together, Rich. That’s what we always did,” she said. “So, when I found out from the lawyers what was going on that really hurt me to my core. Because you were really my brother. I’m trying to understand how do you think that you get all of the money. That makes absolutely no sense.”

Rich told her that he was in debt. “Everything that was going on at that time of our lives was footed by me,” he said. “I was your production company. I was your management. I was your security. I was your f*ckin’ taxi service. Radio! Record had over 800 spins. Independently, by me. By myself. You think that sh*t is free?”

Olivia wanted to know why he just didn’t tell her that he was taking money to cover expenses. “Financially, this sh*t put such a f*cking strain on me for the four years,” Rich said. “Why am I gonna tell you that? You my sister.” Olivia added if that was the case, they should have been able to speak about any and everything. 

Rich told her that she made a good amount of money from the record, more money than anyone else. Olivia, in turn, insisted that she “got got” by Rich and they both ended things by saying they were hurt by the situation. Check out the clip below.