Erica Mena: Wildest "Love & Hip Hop" Moments

Erica Mena has had many wild moments on "Love And Hip Hop" and we broke down the top 7.

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Love & Hip Hop is known for some outlandish characters, and Erica Mena is one of the biggest. With a slick mouth and fast hands, Erica Mena isn't one to back down, and many times, that has gotten her into some big trouble. However, Erica always seemed to bounce back. That was until her latest dust-up with fellow castmate Spice. As a result of the now-viral moment where Erica used racial slurs, producers fired her from the series. While Erica Mena has had countless wild moments over her tenure, we've narrowed them down to her top 7.

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7. Erica Mena Vs. Kimbella

Erica and castmate Kimbella Vanderhee had real tension in the air as the two sat down. Erica already had problems with how Kimbella was moving in the industry and told her she didn't consider what she did modeling. Instead, she viewed it as "soft porn." As the two went back and forth, Kimbella asked Erica if she knew who her baby daddy was. Erica replied yes, and then accused Kimbella of trying to sleep with her baby daddy.

As temperatures started rising, things boiled over when Erica said, "You f*cked up my money, b*tch!" Kimbella responded by splashing a drink on her, and Erica returned the favor. Erica then ran up on Kimbella, grabbed her hair, and Kimbella responded in kind. It took security to separate the two, but eventually, they were unlocked. Erica screamed for a phone and said she was calling the cops. Before long, sirens were wailing in the background, and the paramedics tended to Erica as Kimbella took off.

6. Erica Vs. Scrappy

Erica Mena doesn't just get into it with women -- men can get it, too, as seen from her explosive argument with Scrappy. Erica started by dissing "men in this generation," but Scrappy explained he wasn't like that. Then, she escalated the situation by asking him why he didn't pay child support to Bambi. Immediately, Scrappy told Erica she could go. Not only did Erica not go, but she kept the argument going.

Scrappy told Erica to take the situation up with her friend Bambi and not bring up his kids. Erica then jumped up on a couch, putting her finger into Scrappy's face, and accused his mother of spreading his business. Scrappy stood up on the couch face-to-face with Erica and brought up her oldest son. Erica described it as a "disgusting situation" to bring up her child to deflect his bad actions. As the two continued to trade insults, security, once again, intervened and got them off the couch.

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5. Erica Mena Vs. Safaree

During Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion, Erica put it all on the line about her and Safaree's contentious relationship and divorce. Erica accused Safaree of "entertaining another woman" soon after she gave birth. Safaree said that wasn't the case, and he had a right to talk to other women since they were going through a divorce. Erica said she was in pain and wanted Safaree to feel the same.

Erica then threw out a severe accusation, claiming Safaree abandoned her. Safaree had a problem with the word "abandoned" and said she was lying. Erica then accused him of making her pregnancy hell and said he was "flying out b*tches." While Erica continued to get heated and others consoled her, she said she was done with Safaree and he had lost his family for good.

4. Erica Vs. Rich Dollaz

In one memorable episode, Erica entered the studio where Rich Dollaz was working on a song with Olivia. When Rich asked her what was up, she said she wasn't about to talk in front of "this thing," referring to Olivia. She and Oliva had a little back-and-forth before Olivia left the room to let Erica and Rich hash things out.

Erica told Rich, "You're f*cking with me right now. You've been hovering this song over my head since the time I f*cking laid it down." She explained her issue was it was her song and since Rich had given it to Olivia, she felt betrayed. Rich said she didn't deserve the song because she hadn't signed his contract and didn't want to be managed. Erica screamed that Rich needed to meet her halfway.

Rich said she was like "the girl who cried wolf" because she was always promised to do better, but she never did. He added he didn't feel any emotions for her at the moment because she had run him off with her antics. Erica retaliated by saying Rich had no feelings and began to cry. She also accused him of taking what she wanted most -- her music. Eventually, she settled on being numb to feelings, thanked him for the "reality check," and made a dramatic exit.

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3. Erica Mena Vs. Cyn Santana

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 28: Erica Mena and Cyn Santana appear at the VH1 "Love & Hip Hop" Season 4 Premiere at Stage 48 on October 28, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1)

Erica's romantic relationships with women became a point of contention during her time in Love & Hip-Hop. That proved to be especially true when she confronted Cyn Santana after her friend Albee spilled some tea. While Cyn admitted she loved Erica, she said she was sick and tired of all the lies, cheating, and BS. Cyn was taken aback when Erica said she was going to be honest, feeling as though Erica never kept it real. She accused Erica of continuing to do the things she didn't like, but Erica said she wasn't going to change who she was.

Then, Erica flipped the script and accused Cyn of being a liar and cheat, which Cyn denied. Erica continued to get loud and told Cyn, "I've walked into a room full of n***as you f*cked, and I'm so secure that I still repped yo ass." Cyn denied it and called Erica names, but Erica wasn't having it. She said she was good without her and pushed Cyn in the throat. As expected, security jumped into the mix.

2. Erica Vs. Peter Gunz

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Things went completely left when Rich Dollaz thought it was a good idea to put Erica Mena and Peter Gunz together. When Rich "officially" introduced them, Erica wasn't having it and questioned why they needed to meet. As she looked at Peter with disgust and disdain, she claimed he didn't even know her last year when he was talking recklessly about her to Rich. Moreover, she blamed Peter for breaking up her and Rich.

Peter said the streets were talking, and since he was trying to get into business with Rich, he had to let him know what was going on. Erica said she didn't care if Peter didn't think she could sing and called him a clown with no credibility. Peter said she was one to talk with her fake body parts, which Erica acknowledged but said, "My mouth is real, motherf*cka." Peter told Rich to get this "b*tch out my face," and Erica responded by throwing things. Yet again, security had to intervene.

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1. Erica Mena Vs. Spice

In Erica's wildest moment -- and the one that cost her job -- she went up against castmate Spice. The two were presumably brought together to hash out their differences brought on by the things Erica's ex-husband Safaree had told Spice. Spice told Erica that she acted like she was the only divorced single mother of two, adding that she had been doing it for 14 years. Erica retorted she had been a single mother for 16 years. Spice said, "With your son that don't like you." That was the remark that sent everything to hell.

Erica went ballistic and flipped the entire table. She then said that Spice should've died on the operating table after her surgery, but that wasn't the end of it. In an extreme fit of rage, distaste, racism, and colorism, Erica yelled, "You monkey, you f*cking blue monkey." To make matters worse, she made monkey noises. The world quickly reacted with fans calling for Erica's cancellation.

VH1 heeded the calls and released a statement shortly afterward stating, "Working hand-in-hand with our partners, viewers will see the impact of Erica Mena's remarks play out over the final three episodes of the season. Effective immediately, she will not appear in the next season of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.'" It appears Erica Mena won't be making any more wild moments on the LHH franchise.

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