Erica Mena’s 3 Craziest Moments on “Love & Hip Hop”

She’s one of reality TV’s most familiar faces thanks to “Love & Hip Hop.” Which of her controversial TV moments do you remember most.

Erica Mena’s 3 Craziest Moments on “Love & Hip Hop”

Erica Mena, an irresistible force in the world of reality television, has made her mark on Love & Hip Hop. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Mena was determined to break into the entertainment industry from a young age, with aspirations of becoming a model, singer, and actress. Her introduction to Love & Hip Hop propelled her into the spotlight. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her fiery personality and willingness to confront anyone who crossed her path.

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 19: Erica Mena attends "Love and Hip Hop" Season 7 Viewing Party at M Bar on March 19, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Although her tenure with the Love & Hip Hop franchise is filled with controversial moments, there are a few plotlines that she's most known for. Mena's moments are forever in reality TV history, whether it's her relationships with Rich Dollaz and Safaree Samuels or her explosive physical altercation with Kimbella. Now a mother of two, Mena wants to move forward peacefully. Let's revisit a few moments that fans continue to talk about all these years later.

A Rocky Romance With Rich Dollaz

Erica Mena's tumultuous relationship with music executive Rich Dollaz continues to be examined today. The couple's constant arguing and apparent inability to communicate effectively led to many heated confrontations, both on and off-camera. The tension between them centered around Rich's ability to help make Mena a star, but the couple disagreed with the direction of her career. Rich took issue with Erica making moves behind his back. Things boiled over into repeated heated arguments, spelling the end for the couple. Rich and Erica have received closure these days thanks to Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion.

Love On Display With Safaree Samuels

Erica Mena's high-profile relationship with rapper Safaree Samuels is another captivating chapter in her Love & Hip Hop story. From their whirlwind romance, public proposal, and extravagant wedding to their candid discussions about starting a family, the couple's love story played out in front of millions of viewers. Soon, there were rumors of infidelity, and later, Mena revealed she was pregnant.

It wasn't long before this love story took a dark turn. Samuels and Mena would air out their marital woes on social media, and news about a divorce emerged. It was arduous and far from amicable, but it looked as if Erica and Safaree had been able to go their separate ways with no further incidents. However, with chatter about Safaree and Amara La Negra taking over timelines, we're sure more drama will unfold.

An Explosive Confrontation With Kimbella

Perhaps one of Erica Mena's most memorable moments on Love & Hip Hop was her explosive fight with co-star Kimbella Vanderhee. The now-wife of Dipset icon Juelz Santana was introduced to the cast, but it didn't come with a warm welcome. Mena held onto deeper issues about how Kimbella was making moves in the industry. During a confrontation, the argument quickly escalated into a physical fight.

Mena launched the attack, and the ladies needed to be separated by security. The incident stunned viewers and further solidified Mena's reputation as a no-nonsense force to be reckoned with. Although the two women have since moved on from the altercation, their fiery exchange remains one of the most talked-about moments in Love & Hip Hop history.


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