The news media was all a-buzz on Monday after it was reported that Ray J had acquired the life rights of Suge Knight. It was shared that the incarcerated Death Row mogul may have turned over his story to Ray J for a forthcoming biopic, but Suge has stepped forward to shut down the misinformation. 

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Nick Cannon Set To Pen Biography">
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In a jailhouse call with The Blast, Suge clarified his business dealings with the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star. Suge called Ray J a “little brother” who he respects and has known for a long time. Ray will apparently hold down Death Row and new music coming out of the record label. The person who has power of attorney over his life rights is his fiancée, Toi-Lin Kelly who is in charge of movies, television, and documentaries. Suge also revealed that Nick Cannon has been placed in charge of writing and publishing a book about the controversial music figure’s life, calling Cannon “the most realest guy in the business today.”

This move to step forward and explain how everyone is involved shouldn’t be interpreted as a jab at Ray, according to Suge. It was just important for him to set the record straight and make sure there wasn’t any misinformation floating around. Listen to the three-minute call below.