One of the biggest stories this week revolves around Diddy’s love life. The rap mogul is still mourning the loss of his soulmate Kim Porter but he’s trying to get over her death by spending time with other women. Nobody will ever be able to replace Kim but Diddy would be miserable if he didn’t at least try to find himself a companion. Especially after his break-up with Cassie Ventura, he’s got a lot of figuring out to do this year. While Lori Harvey has been spotted with plenty of other men, she keeps on popping up next to Diddy on dates, which has some branding her the ultimate City Girl. After seeing all the hubbub about Lori and Diddy yesterday, Trey Songz decided to celebrate his City Boy Summer with some thirst traps, posting to the ‘gram for no particular reason.

Trey Songz Lets Lori Harvey Know What She's Missing After Diddy Date
Sean Zanni/Getty Images

The timing was dubious, especially with all that was happening with his ex-girlfriend and Sean Combs. Trigga Trey posted up in an empty pool, showing off his body after telling fans that he hasn’t worked out in months. You would never be able to tell because Songz is still in tip-top shape. Some people believe that this could be a message to Lori Harvey, reminding her what she could have had. Others believe that to be a reach. Which side are you on?