For months, people have been wondering just who Lori Harvey is actually shacking up with. She's seemingly been testing the waters with a number of different men, being spotted with industry types around the country. Most recently, she has been romantically linked to Diddy, which is just now started to sink in as somewhat of a slap in the face to Combs' son. Considering the fact that Justin Combs has also been linked to Harvey in the past, social media is going absolutely wild and branding Lori the champion of Hot Girl Summer, getting the ladies back in the lead.

This summer, Megan Thee Stallion challenged all her hotties to live their best lives, going out without a care in the world and just enjoying themselves. Some people, like Lori Harvey, have taken that advice to heart because she's levelled up from Diddy's son to Diddy himself. Right now, Twitter is abuzz after the model was spotted with the rap mogul on a date in New York City. Neither one of the two entertainers has confirmed that they are dating but this is just the latest instance of them hanging out together in public. They appear to be less concerned about hiding their friendship too.

So, there's guy code where you're generally not allowed to date anybody that your friends have hooked up with but, apparently, that rule doesn't apply to the Combs household. Did Lori Harvey just win Hot Girl Summer?