Keyshia Cole Explains Her "Confusion" With O.T. Genasis's Remake Of Her Song

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Keyshia Cole, O.T. Genasis
She realizes it was all done to make people laugh.

There have been plenty of people who have tackled Keyshia Cole's "Love," but not many have shown the same enthusiasm as O.T. Genasis. The rapper recently remixed the classic R&B track, switching up the lyrics to be about the Crip lifestyle while belting out the tune offkey. Fans have embraced the song, along with its chuckle-worthy music video, but Keyshia has taken to social media to call the remix "not cool.

The singer jumped on Instagram Live to share more of her thoughts on the rapper's rendition, mumbling something about O.T. Genasis changing the words to "Crippin'" and saying with a laugh, "That's not funny!" People on her Live were apparently writing that the rapper messed up her song, but she told them not to spew negativity. "It's too close to Christmas for that," she told them. 

"I haven't watched the whole thing," Keyshia admitted. "I've seen a little bit of it." She made a face when a fan suggested that she hop on the track with him, but she understands that O.T. Genasis created the song to make people laugh. "You know what, honestly, it's always so crazy for me to see when other artists sing that song in particular 'cause it's just so funny. I hated that song when I recorded it."

"Bruno Mars, he made a video for Valentine's Day. I was like, that's crazy. He sung the whole song, but he sung it the way I wrote it, and I'm just used to that. So, I felt like it was a real surprise when I heard [O.T. Genasis] do it in a different way. That's where my confusion came in at." Keyshia added, "But, I think it's funny as hell." Check out a clip of her IG Live below.

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