When Blueface’s mother and sister arrived at his Los Angeles home to chat about how prosperous he’s become, the rapper preferred to spend time with his two groupie girlfriends, physically removing his family members from his crib. Since then, there has been a full-out war between Blueface and his sister. The Cash Money West product may no longer be with his two women (who recently got matching tattoos to appease him) but a bridge has been burnt with his sister and she’s making sure he knows about it. Despite his millions of dollars and their relation by blood, Blue’s sister Kaliwae is ready to drop her scathing diss bars against her own baby brother.


The upstart rapper shared a preview of what fans can expect from the track, going in on her bro and calling him out for his shotty behaviour. Now, we know when the song will actually release because Kaliwae told her followers that by tonight, “Disrespectful” would be uploaded online. She posted a photo of the cover art, which shows Blueface wearing clown make-up and a black bar over his eyes. 

The cut is expected to release tonight at 7 PM EST. Will you be tuned in to hear the full version?