Your Old Droog has never been one to pull punches, and some have come to appreciate his blunt demeanor. Recently, Droog found himself firing off some scathing tweets in Logic’s direction, going so far as to wish death upon Bobby T. Though many have openly made a habit out of ridiculing Logic, Droog’s messages felt particularly venomous and didn’t quite sit well over time. Evidently, Droog recognized that he may have gone too far, especially after his account got hit with a 12-hour suspension. In response to his since-deleted vitriol, Droog has since offered up an open letter to Logic.

Your Old Droog Apologizes To Logic After Wishing Death Upon Him
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“My misguided attempt at social media humor, perhaps better known as “trolling,” caused me to set aside my own dignity and scruples,” writes Droog. “Enough so that I managed to publish three tweets wishing death upon another human being simply because I could. It was not funny. It wasn’t even close to being remotely funny.” 

“I would like to publicly apologize to Logic, his fans, and everybody who had the misfortune of witnessing those ill-conceived and repulsive thoughts,” he writes. Later, he observes that “the impetuous manner in which we transmit certain ideas on social media is something to be concerned with. I will be taking more time to re-examine myself and consider the thoughts that I choose to put out into the world and the internet.”

Logic has yet to respond, and there’s a strong chance he will not. After all, the man is busy on tour with J.I.D. and YBN Cordae. Still, it’s cool to see Droog step up and be the better man.