Your Old Droog

Date of Birth
Feb. 9, 1991 - Age 33

Artist Bio

As mysterious as he is lyrically dexterous, Your Old Droog may be one of the strangest breakout stories in recent hip-hop history. In 2014, a Ukrainian-American rapper living in Coney Island posts his debut EP on Soundcloud without a photo of himself attached, and the entire Internet combusts with conspiracy theories that it’s Nas in disguise making a comeback. Flattering? Maybe. But once the young Brooklyn spitter revealed his true identity to the world at his first sold out show at Webster Hall in Manhattan, it may have put the Nas-rumors to rest, but it only kept the people more curious about how this guy was as insanely talented as he is. Since his initial debut, Your Old Droog has released two more EPs, titled Kinison and The Nicest, and has kept his nostalgic 90s fans itching for more music and more info about this mysterious MC.