It’s hard to imagine being on the receiving end of a music leak. It wouldn’t be surprising for artists to feel frustration, possibly even violation, upon seeing unfinished skeleton tracks surface on the web. For some, like Young Thug, leaks appear to be common practice. For others, like Eminem’s Straight From The Lab EP, the process itself turns into a massive spectacle. Within the past three months or so, Juice WRLD’s security was compromised, with no shortage of songs hitting the black market as a result.

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Juice WRLD Threatens A WRLD Of Pain Upon His Leaker">
Natt Lim/Getty Images

Given the complications a leak may cause a record label, it’s possible that Juice was forced to scrap his recent work entirely. A frustrating turn of events, and now the man’s patience has reached a limit. Taking to Instagram to put forth a message, Juice WRLD made it clear that his leaker ought to start looking over his shoulder at every turn.

“Aye whoever leaking my shit I hope you make enough money to pay for your hospital bill when we find you,” he warns, promising a WRLD of pain should they ever cross paths. We can only hope said leaker does not feel emboldened by the callout, as Juice WRLD doesn’t deserve to have his music peddled like trinkets in the schoolyard. Keep your head up, Juice.