For just over a year, Juice WRLD has been one of the biggest stars to have broken into the hip-hop world. The 20-year-old Chicago native was in the headlines this week after he decided to match his girlfriend's energy, getting her name tattooed on his arm after she had started the trend weeks ago. Hopefully, he and Ally stay together for the rest of their lives so they never have to wonder if they made the wrong decision getting inked up. Anybody that follows Juice WRLD on social media knows that he can get in his feelings sometimes, tweeting about heartbreak, love, and other topics that he regularly explores in song. Today though, the young man was hacked and let off a few retweets that seemingly were not authorized.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

According to XXL, the rapper's username was changed completely (to @joingroupbuy) and his verified status disappeared. Juice no longer has a blue check next to his name and although his team appears to be aware of the hack since his name was changed back, the two questionable retweets are still present at the top of his page. The first is about Kanye West's infamous moment at the 2009 VMAs when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, claiming that even though Ye "blacked out," he still "felt him."

The second retweet is a recent one from Polo G, which speaks about the loss of Nipsey Hussle and how he may not have personally known Nip but he's still hurting. It's unclear if Juice knows he was hacked. The Nipsey Hussle retweet falls in line with something that the Chicagoan would send out but considering its timing, people are confused.