Anybody that has been constantly refreshing Playboi Carti's streaming pages in search of Whole Lotta Red was gifted a surprise yesterday when a handful of leaks were uploaded to the artist's official Apple Music profile. The Atlanta-born rapper has fallen victim to a number of leaks this year, including one song that actually topped a few charts without even being released. While we're all waiting for "Kid Cudi (Pissy Pamper)" and the rest of his upcoming album to be released, some fans were thrown for a loop when five songs were randomly uploaded to Carti's Apple Music profile. He has since spoken out to say that he did not authorize the leak.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

As reported by Genius, a total of five unofficial songs were being shown on Playboi Carti's streaming page yesterday. "Shortie N Luv," "Hulk," "A and L," "T Shit," and "Butterfly Pill" first appeared on a user named DJ EightBit's page before they were brought over to Carti's profile. However, the artist had no say in the decision and the songs have since been taken down. He hit his Instagram story to tell fans that he was hacked and that he "hasn't released anything."

All the leaks we've heard from Playboi Carti this year give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from his next effort. Fans are excited about what they've heard and they can't wait any longer for Whole Lotta Red to arrive. Hopefully, we get a release date soon.