It feels like ages ago but there was once a time when Trippie Redd and Tekashi 6ix9ine were friends. The two blew up at around the same time. The “Love Scars” rapper experienced a burst a little before the rainbow-haired scoundrel but they still considered each other allies, collaborating on one of Trippie’s most popular songs at the time. It would be surprising to me if anybody had predicted Trippie being as large a part of 6ix9ine’s current trial as he is right now but, alas, here we are. Yesterday, 69 took the stand for the first time and claimed that his now-enemy was a member of a different Bloods division. Today, he’s continuing to squeal about Trippie.

It didn’t take long for new developments to come out of this fascinating case. Moments ago, 6ix9ine detailed a beatdown that he had ordered on Trippie Redd, explaining all that he knows about the situation.

“My main dispute was with Trippie Redd,” reportedly said the rapper. “He was with another set of Bloods… So was Casanova. Me and Trippie Redd were signed to the same label… There’s a lot of jealousy involved. He was signed first. I later on signed, a couple of months after. We had a song together, it was successful. Then jealousy, we got into online disputes. We attacked him [Trippie Redd] at this hotel.”

Elaborating for the jury, 6ix9ine gave his account of the attack. “Trippie Redd’s manager said he wanted to squash the beef. At the time I was very upset with him, he had already said a lot,” said Tekashi. “Trippie Redd’s manager gave us the address of his video shoot. I told Shotti I wanted something done about Trippie. We go to Red Hook or around there, industrial area. I’m in a Jeep. We see Trippie Redd’s sprinter van. We surveillanced it, waiting for Trippie Redd. Shotti said he had a few of the homies meeting up with us there. We stake out, Trippie Redd comes, gets in with 15 people. We follow him for an hour on the highway. I recall Harv coming in a 4-door Honda. The sprinter van gets to the hotel. We don’t wanna get spotted. Shotti gets out, tells me to stay in the car. Harv parks parallel to the hotel. He’s with like three other guys. Shotti comes back screaming, ‘It’s fucking Trey Way.’ Shotti said Harv punched Trippie Reed in the mouth.”

This situation just keeps getting crazier by the minute. Keep it locked for more updates.