Snoop Dogg isn’t about to let the young’ns take the pole position concerning all this talk of a City Girl/City Boy summer. Uncle Snoop was arguably in his prime when Sporty Thieves issued their response record to TLC’s “No Scrubs,” inciting a battle of the sexes like no other in hip-hop. But in fairness, Snoop’s postulating, as depicted in the below Insta post, doesn’t equate to him battling with the opposite sex, or a cry for attention.

Snoop’s posting of the age-old New York Times cover shot depicting him and 2Pac flanking the imposing Suge Knight, their label head at the time, is a perfect example of why elder statesmen and women should never be taken at face value – without a look into their fabulous past. Uncle Snoop has every reason to pose under the “City Boys” moniker, for he is among the princeliest debunkers of age(ism) in the current era.

If an emissary were needed for an interplanetary exchange, Calvin “City Boy” Broadus’s name would leapfrog to the top of the shortlist, rest assured. A multitude of Old Heads such as E-40, Webbie and Rick Ross dropped down into the comments to co-sign Snoop Dogg’s self-appointment. Where do you figure in the City Boy/Girl debate that continues to rage on?