Meeting your favourite singer, rapper, actor or celebrity can be an emotional moment for some and sometimes it can be just as emotional for an influential act to meet their fans. Such is the case for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who met a group of loving fans and got every emotional himself. In the video below, you can see The Rock approaching a group of people who get quite emotional as they meet the Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle actor. 

“As a man, it’s a whole other level when you hold another grown man with tears in his eyes. I’ve held a few. A few have held me,” The Rock captioned the video, admitting he too has shed a few tears after hearing a touching story from the man. “We may or may never cross paths again, but just know that moments like this mean the world to me.”

In another post, The Rock shared images of a visit to members of the Navajo Nation during the production of the “Jumanji” sequel. The images show The Rock receiving a gift “on behalf of her family and ancestors.”

“I’ve been particularly moved by our Native Americans on this Navajo Nation land. Every hand shake, every hug, every presentation bubbles with emotion. They’re often brought to tears – as am I,” he wrote.