The origins of Cardi B’s debunked assault & robbery narrative were traced back to a Facebook user going by “Ak Ore Kim,” his post landing him a level of infamy he might soon regret.

Akim claimed he was robbed by Cardi B in opportunistic fashion: in the direct aftermath of her Instagram rant. Bear in mind, Cardi B never made any allusions to specific events related to her criminal past, hence giving Akim a clear pass to make them up as he went along. All he had to do was implant his own seed over the existing grapevine, and Tah-dah, the rumor was born.

Man Who Accused Cardi B Of Sexual Assault Admits He Was Lying
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Loads of people bought into Akim’s spiel without running a fact check. As a result, they wound up implicating themselves in the process of making the fib go viral by hitting the share button one-too-many times.

“That was a joke,” Akim finally admitted in a comment he’d posted in response to a woman’s inquisition on the matter. “Any man who lets that type of shit happen is a gullible dumb fuck,” he continued, adding insult to his previous claims.

The post in question made allusions to Cardi B sexually assaulting him before stealing away with his personal belongings. The Twitter transcript of the original posting is featured below. In this day in age, people who wage information warfare usually just do it out boredom, so consider yourself warned: there’s no difference between civilian and military in the age of social media, you too, could play the fool, regardless of the degree of success you’ve achieved in your public life.