The Game was quick to remind a TMZ reporter that America was built on the backs of slaves when asked about reparations. Although the nation acknowledges that America prospered due to hundreds of years of free labor, it has been impossible for politicians to find a proper replacement for the once promised 40 acres and a mule. Although reparations are highly unlikely, Democrats with their eye on the 2020 election are using the idea of reparations to stir up the press and earn votes. Talk of reparations have bounced around Congress for decades without any real progress on the topic. The Game believes he has found the answer though. 

“It look like 40 acres and a Lamborghini,” answers The Game when asked what reparations should look like in 2019. From there, the Compton rapper begins to speak on politics. When asked if he would vote for a politician that offered 40 acres and a Lamborghini, Game thinks for a minute before barking, “I don’t even think I can vote, I’m a felon bro.” He then devotes himself to the idea of allowing felons who have served their time to vote, which is allowed in some places in the US. While it’s unlikely Congress will find a resolution to reparations anytime soon, I think they should at least consider The Game’s idea. Couldn’t hurt.

The Game Says Reparations Should Be Updated To 40 Acres & A Lambo