Singer-songwriter Kevin McCall has once again found himself on the wrong side of the law. It’s being reported today that McCall was arrested following a physical altercation with a courthouse security guard. According to The Shade Room, Kevin was at the courthouse in connection to the custody dispute with ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille. Kevin is seeking custody of their daughter, Marley Rae, who McCall claims he hasn’t seen in years. Eva has accused McCall of physical abuse and reportedly stated in recent court documents that a restraining order has been set in place keeping McCall away from her and her family.

Kevin McCall Arrested Over Physical Altercation With Courthouse Security Guard: Report
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A video has surfaced showing McCall on Instagram Live as he makes his way through the courthouse. The singer occasionally speaks to the camera and at one point says, “Imma get mines. They gon’ have to give her to me. Marley, your daddy finna get you baby, love you.” Then, McCall engages in a conversation with a security guard who tells him he can’t record in a courthouse. McCall denies, then confirms he’s recording, but he isn’t going to turn it off. He tells the guard to take off his badge and threatened to beat him up.

“All sheriffs and cops, don’t talk to me unless you gon’ take your badge off and go lock yourself in a room,” he said. “I’ll beat you n*ggas up… goin’ to get my baby.” Something must have occurred off-camera because The Shade Room later shared photos of McCall’s mugshot with a report that he’d been arrested. Swipe through to watch McCall’s verbal exchange with the security guard below.