It’s truly heartbreaking to see Lauren London’s whole world shatter before our very eyes. Earlier this year, she was love’d up with her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle, answering sweet questions with the rapper for a special GQ segment. Weeks after, she was forced to attend his funeral, speaking about him in the past tense and raising their children as a single mother. We miss Nipsey Hussle immensely but we can’t even begin to imagine how his family and friends are feeling. It’s been months since his tragic murder in Crenshaw and Lauren London is still remembering her man with beautiful tributes on a regular basis, including this one from today.

Lauren London Rewinds With Old Nipsey Hussle Photo: "Always Had A Crush On Him"
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

The actress posted a photo of her eternal love on social media, telling the world that she’s always had feelings for the late 33-year-old. “Always had a crush on Him,” wrote London with a series of heart emojis. “#GoingToMakeHimProud  Love you baby.”

This week, it was reported that Hussle’s 2-year-old son would be inheriting $1 million from the rapper’s estate, which London has not commented on.

If you’re a spiritual person, you may believe that Nipsey Hussle’s soul is still with us, looking down on Lauren London and their little ones every day. London is eager to keep barreling forward without her number one, staying strong for Kross and Emani and putting on for Hussle in the streets. Long Live Nipsey Hussle the Great.