It appears Lil Wayne had a little run in with the law last night in the capital of Saudi Arabia. Weezy was in Ad Diriyah, Saudia Arabia this weekend for Diriyah Music Festival, along with Tyga & Future, when he was almost arrested for drug-related charges.

Lil Wayne sent out a (now-deleted) tweet Sunday morning saying “Never going to Riyadh again !!!” and according to the fans who were there, the issue stemmed from the reason that he was trying to smoke weed at the venue when that’s completely illegal. As HHNM points out, it’s common knowledge that drug laws are extremely strict in the Gulf countries, but apparently Weezy thought he could get around it being who he is. However, he was wrong.

Another official replied to Weezy in a similar fashion: “Drugs are not allowed in Saudia Arabia and I am sure that our guys informed you before, and you thought that we are kidding,so shut up and go back to your home.”

Luckily he wasn’t arrested, but it was a close call reports say.