There should be a rule among tattoo artists to not let people get matching ink if they’re romantically involved. We’ve heard all the horror stories about people who have gone through messy break-ups after getting tatted up for their partners. It’s the unfortunate reality of things like this. Even though you’re in love with your girl and you want to do something special to prove your loyalty, find another way and don’t get her initials or name inked on your arm. Chances are, you’ll end up regretting it. Blueface recently came up with a ton of money, signing to Cash Money West and striking gold with “Thotiana.” He’s been spending lots of time with his two girlfriends and now, their love is etched onto their hands for the rest of time. Both women got Blue’s infamous Benjamin Franklin portrait done on the backs of their hands.

When Blueface first started gaining notoriety, people gravitated toward his massive face tattoo of Benjamin Franklin. Never has anybody been so dedicated to the money before. Blueface might think his two girls are committed to him after copping some fresh ink for the rapper, and while we know nothing about the specifics of their relationship, statistics back up the fact that somebody will be regretting their decision. 

Regardless of how long they end up being together, all three of them now have a special souvenir to remind them of the fun times they had as a trio. Peep the new tats below.