He’s been hyping up this album for what feels like forever, but finally, Chance The Rapper has shared that his forthcoming album will be titled The Big Day. The Chicago native already has a few projects under his belt, but The Big Day is the debut studio album that fans have been waiting for since he dropped Coloring Book back in 2017.

Chance caught up with Jimmy Fallon during his recent visit to The Tonight Show to spill the details on his next record. Fallon said that he and Chance made a little bit of a deal backstage and that he wanted the rapper to reveal the name and the release date. “So, all the people watching at home,” Chance began, “I haven’t sold my album before. All my mixtapes were free. This is my debut album so there’s like, a pre-order. So I told Jimmy to pre-order my album. And he was like, ‘If you say the release date on my show.’ So, if you pre-order it [I’ll tell you].”

As Fallon was talking his way through pre-ordering the record from Chance’s website, Chance surprised everyone when he said if Fallon completes the order, he’ll drop both the release date and album title. He looks straight into the camera and said, “My name is Chance The Rapper and I will be releasing my debut album on July 26th, entitled The Big Day.” Check out the clip below to get a first look at the artwork.