It's been a minute since we've received an album from Chance The Rapper, but the dry period is soon coming to an end. Chano previously revealed that his album would be dropping in July, a promised he has stood by should his Twitter handle be any indication. Now, the Chicago rapper has elaborated further on his promise, prompting some of his more astute fans to narrow down his release window to a specific date.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

With the July window in mind, Chance has recently said his album will be coming out in fewer than two months. Given that albums have been traditionally released on Fridays, it stands to reason that July 5th would be a fitting occasion for Chano's imminent return. Of course, it's entirely possible he slides through with a last-minute delay, but let's take his word that July is unwavering. 

Should you be worried about Chance's project, rest assured that the man himself has promised quality. Though it's unlikely his untitled project will be a variant of the long-rumored Good Ass Job, we can only hope that Kanye lends a hand in some capacity. After all, Chance did say "Really GOOD Songs," did he not