Reginae Carter has lived her entire life in the limelight. Depending on who you ask, her father, Lil Wayne, is considered a top ten GOAT rapper of all time. Her mother, Toya Wright, is a reality television star and entrepreneur, and many of the people who are close family friends are also famous figures. Reginae was raised in the spotlight and the generation of social media, so she is accustomed to living her life transparently. 

This can become difficult for people who are adding themselves into her mix, including someone such as YFN Lucci, Reginae’s on-again-off-again boyfriend. As he continues to move forward with his rap career, the young artist can’t help but find himself in the headlines over his relationship problems rather than his music.

During a recent trip with her mother to V-103 radio station, Reginae was asked to share the status of her romance with Lucci after they were involved in a social media spat after he commented on a video of a woman performing the infamous “Cucumber Challenge.” Reginae said, “Right now we’re both just doing our own thing. You know with growing up and being so young and having the relationship in the public and having everyone’s opinion and everyone feeling like their opinion matters, it’s like, it’s a little stressful. But honestly, I’ve been learning that no matter what, I gotta do what’s best for me and I gotta follow my heart. I gotta do what makes me happy.”

Toya said she wanted her daughter to find a respectable young man who treats Reginae right, but the 20-year-old shared that it can be difficult making decisions that she feels would be best for herself while also making her mother proud. “I can’t think about what my mama wants me to go do, even though I want to make her happy,” she said. “My thing is, I want my mom to be happy and I want to be happy, but it’s like, you’ve got to go through things to get through things. I’m young, and my mom, she was young and she went through this. Right now, she’s with a man that respects and that loves her, but she’s also in her 30s and has went through it all. I understand the ‘I went through something so I’m going to tell you something so you don’t have to go through it.’ But who really listens?”