We live in a time when artists can drop music whenever they wish (as long as they haven’t signed any restrictive contracts). Although the Internet gives artists this freedom, many still choose to follow formulaic release patterns. This even happens to be the case when artists have the security of a committed fanbase to support their releases. However, there are some exciting artists out there who break the mould and share music whenever they so please. Sada Baby is a perfect example of this.

The Detroit rapper has put out two projects this year – Bartier Bounty in January and Whoop Tape in September – and still continues to drop loosies on us. A few weeks ago, we received “2K20” and now Sada Baby is hitting us over the head with the equally-ferocious “ShoNuff”. A clip from the “ShoNuff” music video has gone viral on Twitter, attached with a caption marvelling at how Skuba Steve does not stop. 

Quotable Lyrics

I got a draco talking loud just like Stephen A.
You ain’t shit I’ll Booker T your ass, Stevie Ray
Even Stevie Wonder see I got that one shit
Speaking sign language to your hoe cause she a dumb bitch
Throwing gang signs to my n****s cause we run shit
That F&N barrel bout as long as a drumstick