It didn’t take social media commenter to pick up on the similarities between Cardi B’s “Money” and Iggy Azalea most recent single “Sally Walker.” While inherently true, both songs bear a strong resemblance, a major caveat was left unexplored in the early going. With the producer of both songs (JWhite) relishing the opportunity to gain a little exposure, he chose to remain neutral. That included Iggy Azalea herself, whose decision to play the sidelines would prove advantageous as the conversation roared on.

It was JWhite who unmasked himself first, as the purveyor of both beats, and to the surprise of many casual observers: the mastermind behind Bardi’s breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” as well. His first impulse was to acknowledge the resemblance, even at the expense of characterizing himself a slothful producer.

And yet, Bardi fans never fell quelled their feelings of contempt, even though evidence proving the accusations incorrect, were readily available to all comers. So without after ado, JWhite took matters into his own hands, ReTweeting a bunch of posts by posters upholding the truth. To his credit, there’s a difference between plagiarism, and conscious recreation, the latter bearing more fruit on this occasion.

In the end, JWhite seems to be resigned to all the chatter, because a fight against Bardi’s fanbase is akin to ideological warfare, ideally all parties would be wise to wait for for the conversation to dissipate, even though it could be argued: Iggy Azalea is partially to blame for the bland acquisition and her execution of the “Sally Walker” instrumental. With that said, JWhite isn’t backing down from defending his client base, even if Cardi B is the A side of this discussion.