Who would have thought that inviting some of the most influential, talented, and recognized acts to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, all dressed in their most dramatic outfits would raise $15 million? According to TMZ, this year's Camp themed event did just that making it a record-breaking year, beating out last year's $13 million.

As we've posted, some of the looks included Kim Kardashian in her best drip, Kendal and Kylie Jenner rocking a White Chicks tribute, 21 Savage in Dapper DanCardi B wearing Ruby nipples and Kanye West in a $40 jacket

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

This year's Camp theme is a play on writer Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp.” Her essay was written as a way to make sense "of the notoriously hard-to-define aesthetic" writing how camp is “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.” The essay was also a means of broadening one's attitudes on sexuality, especially for the LGBTQ community.  

Vogue's editor in chief, Anna Wintour had some strict rules for her annual party that included no selfies, no smoking, no foods that cause bad breath (we can't make this up) and even no cellphones at the dinner table. "Anna is sort of an old-school traditionalist. She likes a dinner party where people are actually speaking to each other,' former Met Gala planner Sylvana Durrett said.