R. Kelly Denied Release Request, Feds Say He’s Redirecting Royalties To Friend

R. Kelly’s not going anywhere.

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R. Kelly Denied Release Request, Feds Say He’s Redirecting Royalties To Friend

R. Kelly has been pulling out all the stops in order get himself released from prison while awaiting his final conviction. It was announced that his trial for child sexual abuse is scheduled for April 2020 and, with the bountiful accusations and evidence against him, Kelly is desperately trying to latch onto what could be his last tastes of freedom. 

Early in September, Kelly's lawyers fought for him to be released when they alleged that he was being mistreated in prison, claiming that he was placed in solitary confinement. Prosecutors rejected his arguments, citing him buying a Snickers bar and having recreational time as examples of him not being treated too poorly

R. Kelly Denied Release Request, Feds Say He's Redirecting Royalties To Friend
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Even after being transferred out of solitary and into general population, Kelly is still claiming that his basic well-being is being neglected. On Monday, it was reported that Kelly once again requested to be released due to health problems he was suffering, such as numbness in one of his hands, anxiety and an untreated hernia. He also complained that he wasn't allowed to have BOTH of his girlfriends on his visitations list at the same time, nor was he granted conjugal visits

According to TMZ, prosecutors responded to Kelly's latest claims by reasserting that the accusations leveled against him make him too much of a danger to society to be released. Court documents also cited the likelihood of Kelly tampering with evidence in his case as reason for him to remain imprisoned. They stated that he "has a history of coercing women to write letters containing false and embarrassing allegations" in order to call these witnesses' credibility into doubt. The government also has reason to believe that Kelly is not to be trusted because, while he claims he is broke, it was discovered that thousands of dollars in royalties for his music are being redirected to the bank account of a childhood friend. 

The shared court documents did not include any response to Kelly's alleged health problems, but several portions were redacted. 

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