R. Kelly is facing a whole lot of time behind bars if he's convicted on the sex crimes charges he was hit with earlier this year. A judge denied him bond and placed him in solitary confinement which wasn't shocking considering his celebrity status. He originally said that he was content with being in solitary confinement because he was convinced he'd be in danger if he was sent to general population. He wasn't wrong -- he's a celebrity and he's an accused pedophile. But he seemingly changed his mind a little later. After spending some time in solitude, a judge has granted his motion to be removed from solitary confinement.

Mike Pont/Getty Images

According to TMZ, a judge has allowed R. Kelly to enter gen. pop after arguing that solitary was taking a toll on both his mental and physical health. Kelly's attorney, Steven Greenberg, confirmed the news today, saying that Kelly was kept in solitary as punishment even though he did nothing wrong -- both outside and inside the prison. Even though Kells will be with the rest of the inmates, Greenberg said there will be security measures intact to make sure the singer won't be harmed. 

Now that Kells is in general population, he has a little bit more leniency. For one, he'll actually be able to get fresh air and be in the yard with the other inmates. Secondly, he's now allowed 10 non-attorney visits a month which is a major increase from the one he had before. He also has more access to phone calls and e-mails while he's locked up.

Apparently, this whole request to be taken out of solitary has been recent. He reportedly asked the be placed in a secluded wing of the prison called SHU where he was held without cellmates. Prosecutors claim that he wasn't in actual solitary confinement for the past three weeks and that when he did make the request, they were pretty quick to accommodate.