The saga of R. Kelly continues as he sits behind bars awaiting trial for federal sex crime charges. He's been having some troubles behind bars after he was placed in solitary confinement. He was later transferred to general population where he's enjoying a few more privileges than before including more non-attorney visits. That means that his two girlfriends can now pay him visits but according to TMZ, it won't be the type of visits Kelly probably hoped for.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Considering the man is being accused of some major sex crimes, it makes sense that he would be denied conjugal visits. Kelly's lawyer, Steven Greenberg, revealed that Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, who were spotted cruising around Chicago in a 3-wheeler, are planning to go visit Kelly in federal prison in Chicago. They'll be making the trip on a more frequent basis in order to keep him company but touching will be kept to a minimal. Kelly will only be allowed to hug them hello and goodbye. Aside from not being able to have sex, Azriel and Savage also aren't allowed to bring him any food or treats from the outside.

It seems like Kelly's transition to gen pop is a bit better than expected. On top of his new privileges to have non-attorney visitors, apparently, the singer seems to be doing good with the rest of the inmates since they still consider him an R&B legend.