Not all relationships can survive after the honeymoon period ends. YouTube star and R&B singer Queen Naija tackles the topic on her latest single “Good Morning Text” as she shares a story of noticing that her man isn’t paying her as much attention as he used to. She sings of all the things that he used to do to show his affections, but now she can’t even get a good morning text or a mention on social media. Queen Naija questions whether or not she loves him more than he loves her because “it was much better before.”

The Michigan native has been on her music and social media grind for a few years now, building a fanbase that reaches over seven million followers on Instagram alone. Her career seemed to take off after she advanced to the Hollywood round on American Idol, but unfortunately, she was cut early on in the competition. Now signed to Capitol Records, fans are awaiting the follow-up project to her self-titled debut EP. In the meantime, check out her latest single, “Good Morning Text” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I used to check my phone
Chills when I saw your name
Used to talk all night long
Now things are not the same
I used to lay in your bed while
You used to play in my hair, yeah