TMZ has learned that Federal agents were dispatched moments before Surviving R. Kelly premiered on the Lifetime network. As it turns out, Chicago’s District Attorney’s office wasn’t the lone law enforcement agency deeply entrenched in the R. Kelly saga. As a matter fact, the FBI contacted the father of Joycelyn Savage at least five times before the docu-series premiered.

As you might recall, Joycelyn Savage is one of the women who initially came forward, insinuating that R. Kelly was behind an elaborate “sex cult” with several enclosure keys and padded rooms. Her father Tim reportedly fed FBI agents all the information asked of him, which included a detailed schematic containing the emails and text messages Joycelyn exchanged with Kelly.

In cases where suspected offenders drag “minors” across state lines, the FBI has the jurisdiction to produce any type of warrant they so desire, if the accusations are sexual in nature. At this juncture, it’s still unclear whether the FBI has officially opened an investigation into R. Kelly alleged transgressions, but if they were to, the general public wouldn’t be kept abreast for all kinds reasons.

As previously reported, Joycelyn Savage’s parents firmly believe their daughter is being held captive against her will. The last time Savage was spotted in public with R. Kelly was in April of last year while running errands – then in May, witnesses spotted Joycelyn in Beverly Hills, albeit without R. Kelly by her side. FBI has so far refused to comment on the particulars.