JoJo ha announced a new track featuring breakout star CHIKA in the form of her “Sabotage” track, due out on October 25th. To unveil the pending new collaboration, the Massachusetts-born songstress got candid and gave the cut a teaser in the process, coming through with “Joanna.”

On it, the singer takes the perspective of critics, delivering on lyrics that echo the unsolicited advice that has followed her career.

“For someone to write someone off and tell them when their story ends or what’s possible for them is just ridiculous,” JoJo reiterates of the song’s message in a press release. “Anything is possible. You are on a path all your own – I am more confident than ever about mine.”

Quotable Lyrics

You should date somebody famous
That’ll probably put you on the A-list
That’ll probably get you on them playlists
Stop you being so damn underrated, oh