During the NBA Finals at the beginning of June, a video of the former Raptors player Kawhi Leonard uttering a dragged out “What it dooo, babbyyy?” became one of the biggest memes of the summer. The usually stoic and monotone Leonard was shown in high spirits here, as his team was pushing towards champion status. But Future took what was originally an energizing expression and converted it into the sultry backbone of a new ballad. 

Future is more in his HNDRXX bag on this sleepy joint. The beat – furnished by an unknown producer – consists of simple piano and hollow drums, which allow Future to croon comfortably. In typical Future fashion, this love song evidences some narcissism. While he tries to make an argument for why him and some girl make a good match, he focuses primarily on how she permits him to persist in his hedonistic ways, undisturbed by her needs and desires. As long as she’s fully satisfied by being showered in gifts and Future’s spotty attention, then everything will work out fine. 

This song is the latest in a string of loosies that Future has been dropping via his official YouTube page. Others include the Young Thug-assisted “600 Days No Sleep” and the Offset-assisted “Oh Yeah”

Quotable Lyrics

I’m really fuckin’ with you, spendin’ cash on that ass
Got to layin’ up with you, pulled off when I smashed
You let me have my way, I got this good girl goin’ bad
I ain’t treat you like trash, what I’m really tryna ask
What it do baby?