Mustard wants people to know that as he develops his career, he’s no longer just a DJ. The hip hop mogul and 10 Summers record label owner is expanding his portfolio, and he’s hoping to take over the club scene all summer with his recently released, star-studded album, Perfect 10. Mustard talked about his project with Variety and what it was like linking up with friends and artists he’d never worked with before. One of his standout songs on the record was the closing title track that features soundbites from Nipsey Hussle as the rapper inspired listeners.

“We did that song, ‘Perfect Ten,’ a month-and-a-half before he died,” Mustard said. “That was the last song me and him did together. We had a big-bro thing going. We always talked about family, the kids. He was talking about what he had coming up – he thought he had all the time in the world, for music and everything else that he wanted to do. We had a really good relationship.”

Mustard Reveals He & Nipsey Hussle Were Working On An Album Together
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After Nipsey was callously murdered, many of his collaborators struggled with whether or not they should deliver his music, but not Mustard. “We never considered not releasing it,” he said. “We was working on a series of songs…we even had discussed doing our own project together. Nipsey took a lot of time to do his verses. He would give you amazing verses every time, but they took a long time for him to do. This just happened to be one of them.” Check out Mustard’s Perfect 10 here.