This has been a messy week so far for YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The 19-year-old rapper seemingly shut down his rumored girlfriend Iyanna Mayweather, Floyd’s daughter, after she drunkenly professed her love to him at the club. He recorded a video shortly after to inform her that he does not like girls that get drunk, saying that he’s never gotten drunk in his life. One day prior to the exchange, YoungBoy was officially charged in relation to his Atlanta drug arrest, being hit with two misdemeanours. Now, it appears as though the pressure has gotten to him because the star is nowhere to be found on social media, presumably deleting both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

NBA YoungBoy Deletes His Social Media After Drug Charges
Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Usually, he’s a pretty entertaining person to follow. He tends to open up to fans during his live-streams and usually, you can depend on him to unleash a few funny tweets as well. Upon trying to find the latest NBA YoungBoy updates, fans were surprised to see that he was no longer on social media. In this day and age, that can usually signal a few things. Either YoungBoy is planning something major, like a brand new album or something, or he’s seriously fed up of all the negativity that has presented itself on his pages. With the week that he’s having, we’ll safely assume the latter.

What do you think is going on with NBA YoungBoy’s social pages? Will he be back?