As we reported, NBA Youngboy was arrested back in February in Atlanta for possession of marijuana. His use of "fighting words" and physical obstruction were also cited as reasons for the arrest. Prosecutors on the case were previously hoping that NBA YoungBoy's probation would get revoked, and a Baton Rouge prosecutor wishes to see the judge serve him with a mandatory 10-year prison sentence. Although sentencing is still quite a ways away, it is now being reported that NBA Youngboy has been officially charged for the Atlanta arrest.

According to TMZ, the up and coming rapper has officially been charged with two misdemeanors: possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and disorderly conduct. Reports of the arrest claim that Starr Thigpen, NBA Youngboy's female companion, attacked a housekeeper after the two entered a room and found the worker attending to a bedroom that should have been empty. Police were called, and both NBA and Thigpen were arrested. NBA Youngboy is currently out on bond for allegedly beating his then-girlfriend in 2018, so this new charge may impact his other charges. Now wrapped up in two cases, NBA Youngboy seems to be barely keeping his head above the legal waters. As details of his ongoing cases are slowly revealed, we will keep you up to date on the young rapper's predicament.