According to The Blast, Aquaman star Amber Heard has accused her ex-husband, Johnny Depp of perjury. The accusation comes after Depp’s claim that only one 911 call was made on May 21, 2016, and it is a part of Heard’s larger plan to have the case moved from Virginia to California.

Heard accused Depp of physical and verbal abuse in May 2016, and filed for divorce on May 23rd, two days after the night in question.

The discrepancy in stories stems from two pieces of information. First, Heard has produced records showing two 911 calls, one at 8:30 pm and another at 10:09 pm. Second, Depp’s legal team has produced CCTV footage of him leaving the house at about 8:30 pm.

Within the records Heard has produced, police logs from the 8:30 pm call read “received call fr victim friend “Amber”, Assaulted by boyfriend, refused to give further.”

Depp’s legal team has decided to focus on the logs from the second 911 call which state “female stated she was on phone with her friend and she began screaming at her husband, subj Amber Heard, Husband Johnny Heard.” The legal team has also produced reports from officers on call who have claimed to see no evidence of physical abuse on Heard. 

Depp has emphatically denied Heard’s accusations since 2016, once going as far as to claim she painted on bruises herself.