With literally no promotion or anything, Lil Skies decided that last week was the right time to release his sophomore album Shelby. The follow-up to Life of a Dark Rose has been performing well despite the lack of publicity, proving that Skies is still a force in the game. At the end of last year, his status in the industry was unclear among fans. Some believed that he had fallen off while others were confident that he could pick back up. Clearly, he’s back in full force because Shelby is expected to move 50K+ copies in its first week out. Those are impressive numbers for Lil Skies and he responded with a humble message about how he never believed he would make it this far.

Lil Skies Reacts To "Shelby" First-Week Sales: "Thought I'd Be Dead Or In Jail"
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“No promo just me… i never thought ide make it this far,” Skies reiterated. “Honestly thought ide be dead or in jail rn… love to all my fans… this shit means the fucking world to me what would i do without yall fr?!”

Competing against 2 Chainz, Solange, and others, Skies was not the first choice for many last week. However, he kept bringing in new listeners and keeping them on the repeat button. In comparison, 2 Chainz is expected to sell around 70K copies of Rap Or Go To The League. If you ask me, this is a huge W for Lil Skies.