Did Future borrow from his bitter, sworn ex-lover on “Shotgun” or are the rabble rousers just reaching for new material. Whatever the case, “Shotgun” figures as a fine example of Future’s understated excellence. It doesn’t matter that Future has refrained from speaking on it publicly, or in definable terms, the watercooler is still buzzing with interest, none of which relates to the music itself – sadly.

“Shotgun” is perhaps the best of the sordid bunch – on Future’s new hyperbolic EP, SAVE ME. It’s unclear as to what Future fans would like to hear from their idol in the coming years, considering the general ambivalence of his source material. “Shotgun” bears a stronger connection with the latter works in his catalog, not the frenzied displays of say..  the Mike WiLL-produced “Shit,” during Trap’s visceral heydey in 2013.

On “Shotgun,” Future almost regrets commandeering the ship without a personal chef. He muses with the idea of a shotgun representation his better-half, as opposed to an instrument of war. So in sense, “Shotgun” is as doleful a love song as it gets in the current era. Where does it rank amongst the other selections on SAVE ME, comment below?

Quotable Lyrics:

Got a crystal pool, got a MAC-11
Got a chef that’s whippin’ up lots of spaghetti (Run)
Shouldn’t’ve said, “Pop it, pop it,” girl, they all jealous
I ain’t talkin’, girl, I’m makin’ all promises.