Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky have been compared to each other over the years which may have caused some sort of friction between them in their early years. Unfortunately, these comparisons haven’t died down despite the star status of both rappers. Rocky made his way into a pre-Grammys party when someone thought the “Sundress” rapper was Travis Scott.

A$AP Rocky Confused For Travis Scott At Pre-Grammy Party
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

A$AP Rocky was dapper as hell as he made his way into Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala over the weekend but someone seemed to think he was another Grammy-nominated rapper. As the Harlem rapper made his way into the gala while being greeted by a crowd of fans, someone yelled out Travis Scott’s name. Rocky turned around to see who said it with an appalled look on his face but didn’t verbally respond to the trolling, simply walking in without causing a scene.

This isn’t the first time the two rappers were mistaken for each other by fans. A few years back, video of Travis Scott being referred to as A$AP Rocky emerged. Scott wasn’t as graceful as Rocky in his response. He lunged at the fan and let them know that he’s not m*****f***** A$AP, bitch.”

Rocky spoke to Billboard following the incident, revealing his disappointment that he hasn’t won a Grammy for video direction. ““I direct all my videos, and it’s not fair when my videos are so eclectic, they’re so futuristic, and most of the time conceptual to the point where it takes a lot of intel and intellect to kinda grasp what I mean. But most people get it. For those who do, I love you,” he said.