Jay Electronica is viewed by his hip-hop upperclassmen and women as a bit of a lost soul. Outside of “city limits,” the troubadour-rapper is doted on more favorably, perhaps even as a debonair. That’s precisely where we’ve managed to track his geo-position – in the works of Jazz-inspired vocalist who shares his interest in Egyptology and ancient wisdom. Be advised, these are simply hobbies for Rosie Lowe; her main point of interest lies in ridding the lovesong of its nostalgic endpoints.

Rosie Lowe’s YU comes out at the stroke of midnight. As it edges closer to a point of no return, we’ve come to understand that yes, Jay Electronica lends his voice and his reputable name to a song titled “The Way.” For all his tendencies to transform into a mystical entity in verse form, Jay upset that notion on his duet with Lowe.

Instead of building a landscape through imagery, as he normally would, Jay Electronica raps about a series of well-worn British landmarks – possibly out of respect to his surrogate presence on the album as a whole. YU drops tomorrow – may this be a sign of things to come for Jay Elec? Don’t hold your breath, I certainly wouldn’t. Never out of spite, mind you. Come as you are Jay Electronica.

Quotable Lyrics

Show me the way like Glinda Good Witch
My heart’s so tired like BFGoodrich.

– Jay Electronica