A tiger don’t change his stripes. Even after last week found 50 Cent dabbling in pacifism, his trollish nature was merely taking a minute to recharge. A lot can happen in seven days. The Super Bowl found the Pats clinching another victory, though many declared the game to be a bonafide “snoozer.” 21 Savage’s arrest sent ripples through the game, and Offset put a strict embargo on anyone daring to meme. An old foe reemerged to poke the bear with a ring-clad hand. It’s no wonder 50 Cent is back on his B.S. Just when he tries to get out, he’s pulled back in. 

In a surprising turn of events, it seems as if 50 showed mercy for his longtime enemy Wendy Williams, who has been in the midst of an alleged personal crisis. Frequent sparring partner (albeit one-sided) Teairra Marí also got the week off, though it’s entirely possible 50’s bill collectors were taking up the mantle on his behalf. This time around, 50’s mischievous energy was reserved for those with whom a rapport already exists. And if history has proven anything, it’s that nobody can get Fif good and riled like Floyd Mayweather. The Joker to his other Joker. 

50 Cent's Targets Of The Week: "Snitches" Still Get Stitches
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Having a bonafide rival slash frenemy can be a taxing process. In many ways, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather feel like two super-villians in a state of eternal warfare. Only in this war, there is but one goal. Be richer. A few days ago, a story broke claiming that Floyd had a disagreement with Diddy over a VIP cover charge, prompting Puff to leave Floyd’s gentleman club. Though concrete details of the exchange are difficult to ascertain, many armchair critics were quick to criticize Floyd’s business practices. When Floyd came through to deliver a video PSA in response, 50 used the opportunity to turn Mayweather’s answer into a “teachable moment.”

“Champ you looking at this the wrong way, puffy only came to check the joint out to show you love,” explains Fif. “They say they want 10k for the VIP he gave them 5k. He would have fucked around and blew 30k with all his people. You had the man standing there like he ain’t who he is, till he told his people come on let’s go. AND YAL CAN KEEP THE 5. You ain’t the only rich n***a around here fool.”



Though 50 largely stands by his words, every so often he comes through with a “post and delete.” Is this his way of admitting that he went to far? That’s open to interpretation. On that note, the rapper recently found himself taking the piss out of 6ix9ine, the young man he once dubbed son. Before Offset put a warning out on any 21 Savage meme-spreaders, 50 was getting in on the action with the fervor of six Demi Lovtaos. His creativity was on full display as he came through with the two-for-one, having a dry chuckle at both 21 and 6ix9ine’s expense. Numbers trolling other numbers; it’s no wonder Papoose was struck with sudden inspiration to write “Numerical Slaughter.”


His chosen meme depicts 6ix9ine in a courtroom, seeming to plead his case. “I ain’t a snitch,” declares the rainbow wonder. “You’re looking at 47 years of hard time,” replies the judge. “Have you ever noticed that 21 Savage looks British?” counters Tekashi. “This is the real king of New York,” declares 50. “Some real Nikki Barnes shit going on.”  

Clearly, 50 abides by the timeless hip-hop adage: snitches indeed get stitches. Still, the fact that he deleted the post speaks to a hint of remorse, though miniscule it may be. As of now, Offset has yet to set his sights on Fif, though perhaps the Migos rapper will simply lie low. After all, does he really want to find himself on 50’s digital butcher’s block?

50 Cent's Targets Of The Week: "Snitches" Still Get Stitches
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