The town crier has had no shortage of work since the fateful day 50 Cent created his IG profile. A bully by nature, making up for in charisma what he lacks in moral scruples, 50 has time and time again proven to be a formidable foe. Those unlucky enough to fall in his crosshairs are generally subjected to a nonstop barrage of piss-taking memes; while IG posts are inherently fleeting in nature, the feelings of humiliation may harbor long-term effects. And like many of the entertainment game's bonafide villain types, 50 is relentless above all else.

Last week, the legendary rapper unfurled a list of names, including longtime frenemy Floyd Mayweather, Teairra Marí & Lisa Bloom, former G-Unit member Young Buck, Dame Dash, and to nobody's surprise, a Spielbergian take on Wendy Williams. Yet this week, 50 seems to have found a modicum of mercy, as the targets of his mischievous wrath have seemingly dwindled in number. In fact, it appears 50 enjoyed a generally positive week by his standards; perhaps a few adventures in Dubai truly work wonders for hearts and minds.

That’s not to say his hand was altogether stayed. 50 still made sure to keep his sparring partners on their toes, sending a few shots to the usual suspects. In a surprising turn, however, he also expressed support for a couple of prominent names, strengthening some of his existing, non-combative relationships in the process. Can the dual nature of 50 Cent’s personality coexist in harmony? Or are these very same rappers he’s chumming with destined to be on the receiving end of “many memes” by next year’s time?


All quiet on the frontlines? Not quite.

After emerging victorious in a “revenge porn” lawsuit, 50 Cent was not about to let sleeping dogs lie. Like a true knee-breaking collector, the rapper sought out to procure his money by any means necessary. While he’s long past the days of enacting “How To Rob” fantasies, 50 seems content to simply goad Teairra Mari until she pays the debt that’s owed. "Now Viacom is gonna pay me every time you are on Love & HipHop directly Tiearra," he writes, in a taunting IG message. "DAMN Mona only giving yal 5k a episode." Showcasing a sense of creativity and unparalleled net-culture savvy, Fif doled out the catastrophic “double whammy,” leaning on the viral ten-year challenge as a foundation. Though it's been a minute since she directly engaged, Wendy Williams is never safe from the Fifty's vengeful temperament.


Surprisingly, 50 Cent actually showcased a rare moment of support and compassion for his fellow artist, showing some love to a potential protege in the making, among other longstanding vets. Behold, 50 Cent and Tee Grizzley posted up after a night on the town, doing their part to boost the local economy.

Before that, 50 Cent extended his support to Chris Brown during the singer's time of crisis. Not long after Breezy was hit with rape allegations in Paris, 50 took to Instagram to stand behind the divisive songwriter. "I believe you Chris," writes 50, making his statement clear. "Good because this ain’t right."

The whirlwind nature of Soulja Boy's comeback tour prompted many a hurt feeling, and even more raised eyebrows. 50 Cent took a moment to respect Big Draco, who openly cited Get Rich Or Die Tryin as one of his formative influence. Of course, Soulja claimed 50 borrowed from him as well, claiming that there would be no without his own website. 50 actually agreed, making sure to stand on the right side of history vis-a-vis the Soulja chronicles. "Did get that from Soulja he was first doing a lot ashit, because he was still a baby he was young," writes 50. "I don’t know why but when he get mad, the shit have me crying. LOL."