By this time tomorrow, the effects of 50 Cent's domineering tactics will have worn off. The victims targeted by 50 Cent this week (Jan 13th-present) are eerily similar to those depicted in previous smear campaigns, save for a couple of unrelinquishing guests.

For starters, it was Floyd Mayweather who stepped back into the "Red Herring" role for the umpteenth time, without any provocation from 50 Cent. Incidentally, Fif bit back while the City slept, before turning his attention over to Wendy Williams, for whom he still burns all kinds of envy. Wendy's husband was outed as a cheater, which in the mind of her gutless opponent, was too good a rub to pass up.

Then again, a few of 50's online skirmishes in the past week actually revolved matters of personal concern. In the instance of a favorable verdict over Teairra Mari in her revenge porn suit, 50 Cent showed himself to be a sore winner. Then there was the issue Dame Dash opening old "Roc-A-Fella" wounds,  and 50 Cent entering the discourse uninvited. So, don't believe for a second that 50 Cent wasn't on his worst behavior this past week. Soulja Boy may have captured our hearts and minds with his bemusing press-run, but it was 50 Cent, who once again, spoke the lewdest.

Floyd Mayweather

It's hard to believe the 50 Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather hasn't grown stale with the boxer's retirement. But therein lies the issue: Floyd isn't actually retired. Floyd gives himself up to opportunity, by declaring himself an inactive fighter, so he can wield a "comeback" sales pitch when the moment is right. 50 Cent's employment status is altogether different. We know 50 gets money, but Mayweather remains unconvinced. The "unretired" boxer made those feelings known this past week as 50 Cent was showing off his luxury watch collection, a boxset which includes a diamond-encrusted AP within its ranks.

That's precisely when things went South; Floyd calls BS on the watch's authenticity, with 50 Cent searching for a sales receipt in response. As history would have it, it was 50 Cent who incited all this talk of cubic zirconia in 2018, when he mocked Floyd's purchase of an $18 million dollar  Jacob & Co refurb - in yet another case of LAMB TALK gone foul.

Teairra Marí & Lisa Bloom

50 Cent had a $30,000 cash pot tacked on to his not-guilty verdict in the revenge porn suit mounted byTeairra Marí. He celebrated his victory at base camp, where else but on Instagram, the sweltering sauna where dreams are born out of chaos. The losing party, Teairra Marí and attorney Lisa Bloom, were powerless as 50 Cent reveled in victory by posting his ransom demands in plain view. 50 Cent had little interest in assuming a babyface character for more than half-a-second.

"Look Tiearria if you don’t pay me the money. I’m gonna get paid directly from Love & hiphop," 50 Cent wrote in an Instagram post intended for both his own pleasure and his own expedient demands. "The Lawyers are now watching your social media post so this could lead to you having tax issues for unreported income."  

50 Cent made certain Lisa Bloom conceded defeat in the public eye - insisting that Bloom only took on Teairra Marí as a client, in reaction to his vocal support of Trey Songz. So there's that.

Young Buck

The most duplicitous and heartwrenching of 50 Cent's bully moments comes in the way of a bedridden friend losing his soft-spot for his captor. Longtime G-Unit foot soldier Young Buck, who was seemingly in the process of crafting his next album with 50 as a co-executor, opened up to his social media followers about a defamation suit mailed to his address by his G-Unit patron - to what's hard to say exactly.

As Buck would suggest in the following dashcam recording, this ain't the first time 50 Cent flexed his power of attorney on somebody in a helpless position, much less himself. This debacle is only heating up.

Dame Dash

Dame Dash stepped back into the media spotlight this past week by revisiting old wounds. The basis of the conversation concerned R. Kelly (what else) and his past dalliances with Jay-Z, from which a duet album came about in 2002 to medium fanfare. Of course, 50 Cent had no business entering the discourse at all. But under the pretense of a hip-hop history lesson, 50 Cent felt an obligation to address the matter as a representative of the sparse Gen X-Y discursive - he and Funk Flex both.

As a result, Dash is calling for an in-person debate with 50 Cent to settle the discord, of which Funk Flex has been denied any participation. Dame Dash vs. 50 Cent has the making of a perfect storm. Lest we forget, Dame Dash bullied his way to success, an evolutionary strategy co-opted by 50 Cent some years later.

and of course, Wendy Williams..