Chris Brown is one of the most accomplished men in the music industry. He may not get the respect he deserves but his loyal fanbase will always be the first to remind him of just how much he’s changed the game. With his multiple talents, Breezy has adopted a versatility that helps him break into different markets. His most recent album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, consisted of 45 songs and because of that, it picked up an enormous amount of streams. The nearly 3-hour long project takes a lot of attention to get through in one sit-down but his fans ate it up as they usually do, allowing HBOAFM to hit one billion streams on SpotifyDrake and XXXTentacion have both reached that milestone this year but since he’s classified within the soul genre on Spotify, he’s accompanied by two more of the industry’s heavy hitters.

Breezy posted an image on Instagram to remind us all of how successful his last album was while praising the two men next to him. He writes that he, Khalid, and Bryson Tiller are the only three black men to hit a billion streams on Spotify with a soul record. Khalid is a relative newcomer but he’s made a big splash, becoming a feature king and wowing crowds with his American Teen album. And we all know just how big Tiller’s T R A P S O U L project was. 

A collaboration between the three would be a dream come true for so many fans of the R&B genre. Hopefully, as each is working on their own music at the moment, it will come to fruition.

Chris Brown, Khalid & Bryson Tiller

Chris Brown Shares Impressive Album Accomplishment With Khalid & Bryson Tiller