Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of the most buzzing artists in the entire world right now. It appears as though he can do no wrong as he’s gone 9/9 on the Billboard charts, promising to make it a perfect 10 with his next single. His career started out pretty rocky after news broke out of his involvement in a sex act with a minor but he’s used solid marketing tactics and a lot of trolling to get him back on the right track. Whenever he uploads a new post to Instagram, you know it’s going to be entertaining. He must have studied 50 Cent’s social media strategy because the two have similar trolling agendas. He may have claimed recently to be better than Drake but that doesn’t stop 6ix9ine from having a good cry to the man’s music every once in a while.

The Brooklynite shared a video of himself getting in his feelings while listening to “Jaded” and drinking straight from the bottle. 6ix9ine then decided to share some of his wisdom with the fans and any aspiring artists, explaining just how he’s built his empire. He said that 99.9% of rappers will never see the success that he’s experiencing because “y’all listen to y’all fucking manager, y’all listen to y’all fucking label, y’all listen to everybody but yourself. That’s why your music is flopping, it’s not selling, you fucking suck and you at the bottom of the barrel.”

Regardless of your opinion on the man, he’s partially speaking facts here. Obviously, not every rapper “sucks” as he says but his success has been built off an appearance of not caring about anything. He’s ready to risk his life for a million views and people are intrigued by it. The same strategy won’t work for every artist but you can tell that 6ix9ine is genuinely just having fun while he’s making hits and millions of dollars.