Selena Gomez had a quiet 2018, not releasing much new music at all. It looks like she’s getting back into the groove of things this year though, already coming through with a new single in “I Can’t Get Enough.” The track is produced by Benny Blanco and Tainy, featuring J Balvin for a guest spot. It’s been performing pretty well and over the course of the last two weeks, all four artists behind the song have been teasing the arrival of the music video. At last, it has arrived and it was worth the wait.

The clip begins with Selena Gomez laying in bed with her eyes closed. The camera starts to back away from her when her eyes open, mouthing the words to the song. A genuine smile cracks on her face when the pyjama-clad pop star introduces J Balvin to the picture. The two are walking throughout the gigantic bed clearly having the time of their lives during this slumber party. Eventually, Benny Blanco and Tainy make their appearances, jumping around on the mattress. 

I don’t know about you but this giant bed would be absolutely clutch. You can move around as much as you want with no fear of ever falling off the surface. What do you think of the video?