People have speculated that there’s been tension between Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri over the months, although both artists have said this is false. Last week, Jermaine Dupri responded to Bow Wow’s recent antics. He downplayed Bow Wow’s alleged addiction to lean and suggested that his guidance helped keep Bow Wow on the right path. However, it looks like Bow Wow doesn’t necessarily agree with that.

Bow Wow took to Twitter this weekend to clap back at Jermaine Dupri’s claim that he exaggerated that he was addicted to lean. Bow Wow shared a clip of JD’s comments on The Breakfast Club and wrote, “Why cant niggas just keep my name out they mouth.”

However, he also issued another warning which also appears to be aimed towards JD.

“I dont know why niggas start with me like i dont have the drop on these niggas lives,” he wrote. “bro u better calm down before i tell the world about your wife.”

A fan said that Bow Wow and JD need to make amends before the So So Def reunion. However, Bow Wow revealed that he was never signed to So So Def “contractually.”

“News- i never was signed to so so def “contractually” i was always on columbia.” He wrote, “They let jd produce my album because he was on columbia. Why you think when he left he aint take me? He couldnt. 3rd album he was no where to be found on it FACTS”

He later confirmed that he definitely won’t be at the So So Def reunion.